Anointing Balm

Anointing Balm


Plant medicine for your soul // sole

Consciously Wild Tended

Care take your soles with an anointing balm made by hand by Madelyn. Made to condition the leather of your sandals and the skin of your body with love and wisdom from the plants. 

We humans crave connection like oxygen. Connection to the ground, to ourselves to our loved ones, to our environment. To feel true connection we must be willing to be vulnerable and open to the world around us. The latin root of the word vulnerable is vulnerare "to wound." 

When we block ourselves from our pain we also block ourselves from our joy. We lose connection. We numb out. We cannot have one without the other, no matter how much we wish we could skip the painful emotions that also connect us to each other.

Plants have so much to teach us about connection. About staying rooted, following the light, trusting how things grow, both in us and around us.  I'm honored to be a steward of their wisdom and offer it to you in the foot soaks and salves that I make.

Whether I am on the road traveling or back in the mountains of Colorado or in coastal California, I am always tending and harvesting plant medicine to share with you.

May this balm soothe and serve you on your journey to connect with what matters most to YOU. May you find refuge from the wounds that are caused by the inevitable pain that comes from choosing to stay open to life. May your wounds be tended until they become gifts that open you up to more joy, bliss, adventure and love.

2 oz Amber Glass Jar



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Each Anointing balm is harvested and created by hand by Madelyn. They are unique and made in small batches. She uses bees wax from hives tended by medicine maker and story teller Benjamin Pixie.

The following batch was harvested in the winter months of 2018 and poured on the 17th May 2018 around the Taurus New Moon

Blessings of the Ancient Sun

To cleanse and and bless our skin, our soles and our souls the Ancient Desert plants in Balm of the Golden Dawn gifts us with a deep rooted joy and wisdom. Energetically this balm protects us not by creating an external boundary, but through the power of inward radiance emanating from deep within casting light on all that hides in shadow. An illuminating balm that is gentle as the Sage initiates the act of cleansing followed by Chaparrals sweet and powerful scent that pours into every cell of our bodies activating the ancient inner light stored within us all.

  • Sage Salvia apiana has been used ceremonial for thousands of years by the people indigenous to Turtle Island to cleanse energetically and invite in allies and ancestors. Sage is particularly powerful for our lungs and respiratory system. The smell of sage calms the stomach, the nerves and the soul. This sage is tended in Ojai and is not wild harvested, as this plant is currently being over harvested in the wild.
  • Chaparral Larrea tridentata is one of the longest living plant organisms on Earth. Chaparral is a true elder. Root systems have been found that are over 11,000 years old that have continued to thrive through clone reproduction by sending out new shoots through these ancient root systems. Chaparral is both Antiseptic and Antibacterial. Known for fighting of staph infections as well as fungus infections. It is also a powerful antioxidant making it an ideal ally during the summer months when our skin is exposed to sun’s rays that can lead to excess free radicals.