Arachne, Cyber Monday and The Inter-Web


Yesterday was CYBER MONDAY. A now mythic event in our modern times.  One that can leave us overwhelmed and inundated with too many choices for too many things we don't need.

And while I don’t believe in consumerism, I do believe in connectivism (if it didn't exist before it now does). I do know that the international inter-web, better known as the internet, has made it possible for makers to create and sustain a way of life that in times past would not have been possible. It has connected me with you. And that is magic.

     Spider Stone Carving, Source unknown

     Spider Stone Carving, Source unknown

If we follow the symbolic threads of the modern cyberweb back to its source, we find ourselves at the belly of a most alarming beast. Arachne--in Greek mythology-- the archetypal weaver is the deadly and fear inducing Spider.

And yet, it was Spider who created the first alphabet and language from the woven patterns in her web. She is the great connector, weaving the web of life and death with nearly invisible, yet incredibly strong cords. It is Spider that oversees the dexterity and skill need for fiber spinning as well as textile and basket weaving. Known as a creation diety and also a trickster. 

Whenever a web or net is made--whether physical or ethereal--Spider medicine is woven into its form.

We see both the creative and destructive forces at play in the cyberweb that are the dark and light sides of Spider's medicine. 

The stories and tales that come together to form this net of interconnected humanity is a breath taking, awe-inspiring masterpiece that we are all still coming to understand.  I know you too have met or re-connected with people that would have otherwise been missed opportunities, if not for the internet, social media and beyond. Its in these moments that technology does seem to serve a  noble purpose.

And yet, Spider's terrifying and deadly ways are also woven into the net of the web. Without realizing it, we can get caught, stuck to a screen like a bug might get tangled in Spider's web. We may not face the same physical fate as that bug, but on a soul level, we are as good as dead. Suspended in time and space. Missing out on the real boons of life.


Without realizing it, we get caught,

stuck to a screen like a bug might get tangled in Spider's web.

We are as good as dead.

The real relatedness happens off of these electronic devices.  We may be able to make initial contact with the ethereal strands of cyber filament, but if we don't escape from the spider's web we'll be lost in a maze of digital illusion. Only when we free ourselves and connect human to human can the true and deep bonds be formed.

The internet will never replace the value and mystery-magic of human connection, but it does give us a place to start that is profound in its breadth, speed and availability.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with Spider's medicine. How have you experienced the good and the bad of our modern Cyberweb? How does Spider show up for you in your daily life?