Of Love and Lions

I am thrilled to announce on this full moon eclipse in Leo that I am now offering Sacred Sole Bundles in my shop.

In honor of Valentines day and in honor of the Leo full moon eclipse, the Bundles are on sale for $52 for a limited time only.

There are only three available.  I curate these beautiful bundles for each unique Sandal Making Ritual class. I use the symbolism of the story that accompanies the specific class offering, as well as meditation ,my intuition and guidance from beyond to select the perfect crystals and combination of healing plants that become resources for us in the class, and are my gift to participants to take home with them. Now you can enjoy a sandal making ritual in the comfort of your own home without taking a class. Or if you simply want to restock your supplies from a previous class, or you want to share this part of the Sandal Making Ritual with a friend or loved one, now you can now order your very own foot soak ritual right HERE. On sale for $52, down from $65 value.

So, why the number 52? It seems arbitrary, but I assure you it is not. I  picked this number combination specifically because it symbolizes  the cosmic forces that are present right now. As we are in this intense Leo full moon, roaring like lions, claiming our place in the world, finding the spotlight, ready to be seen as the amazing unique individual we are. And then, equally strong and fast approaching is Valentines day: A day that centers around the divine union, partnership, adaptability through compromise. We have two opposing strong urges happening almost simultaneously--Leo desires independence, personal freedom and recognition, while Valentine's day is all about partnership, collaborate as we devote ourselves to something greater. So if you feel like you are going crazy right now, its not just you, there is something in the air. 

The Number 5 symbolically carries the energies that Leo represents for us  that of of individuality, curiosity, motivation, and personal freedom while the number 2 is symbolic of partnership, selflessness, devotion, and cooperation. When we combine these two opposing forces--the individual striving for freedom and along with the desire to partner--we get the number 7 (5+2) which is symbolic of spiritual awakening and development. 7 is Heaven.

The numbers point the way and show us that this  is how we evolve and grow into the spiritual beings we are meant to be--through integration of the opposites. Without the struggle to reckon with the strong 5 energy breaking free next to the 2 energy that just wants to melt into inion, we would never be able to gain traction to learn how to work with these opposites and ultimately grow beyond them into 7.

I hope you have a powerful, magnetic and raucous weekend exploring these opposing energies in all your relationships. And if you wan to engage further with the number 52 and all that is has to offer, you can head over to my shop and purchase your  Sacred Sole Bundle. I picked this number in honor of you. As an offering, as support for your soul's evolution towards the sacred 7. My sandal making classes at their core are all about reckoning with these very energies we are seeing in 52. May you find the freedom, the love and the divinity within you that was with you before you were born. Many Moon blessings to you. 

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