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Walk In Beauty

Saturday February 25th 

10 am - 6 pm


You won't want to miss this beautiful telling of "Oochigeaskwa" or "The Rough Faced Girl", an Algonquian Cinderella story. There are Cinderella stories from all around the world, including right here, from the people of The First Nation. This will be a unique and very sacred sandal class where you will get to explore the symbolism and power that the Algonquian people  have passed down from generation to generation through this story. 

The tale leads us down the path towards the reunion of the sacred masculine and feminine. Long ago, On the shore of a great lake there lived The Invisible One, who is said to be greater than all men, and only the woman who can see him will be able to marry him. Now, in the village by the lake there lived a family with three daughters, and in the wigwam lived The Rough Faced girl...

Join me on a mythical journey weaving together sandal making, story, embodiment and ritual. It is through our feet that we have the capacity to ground our intentions and bring our desires into being. One step at a time. 

Our footwear can be a powerful symbol for the transformation of the soul.

 I will guide you through meditations, writing prompts and group sharing as we delve into the symbols and meaning in our own lives.

You will leave with a deeper connection to your soles and soul. Walk away with custom sandals on your feet and the tools to use symbolism in your day to day life to feel a greater sense of connection, meaning and magic in what most consider to be just mundane details.

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