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Mama and Me Sandal Making




San Diego, CA
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One and a half days Sat/Sun

February 24th 10-5


February 25th 10-1


6 and up


Join Madelyn with your little one on a day and a half long mythical journey weaving together sandal making, story, and ritual. It is through our feet that we have the capacity to ground our intentions and bring our desires into being. One step at a time. 

Our footwear can be a powerful symbol for the transformation of the soul.

Madelyn is a story teller whose passion for sandal making lead her to discover that there are Cinderella stories from all around the world. She will telling one of the many versions of the Cinderella story for this workshop and using it as a road map to make a pair of sandals with intention.

The sandals she teaches are Huaraches inspired running sandals which have their origins in the Copper Canyons of Mexico where the Tarahumara (Raramuri) natives are famous for running 50+ miles up canyon walls in similar sandals. Madelyn's designs are inspired by the sandal making tradition of the Tarahumara and she is honored to pass on the knowledge she has acquired through her own process of creation.

Madelyn draws on song, meditations, movement and group sharing to delve into the symbols and meaning in our own lives. All of these activities will be time and age appropriate for the kids. You will leave with an understanding of how to use symbols in your day to day life to feel a greater sense of connection, meaning and magic in the mundane.

Each step of sandal making has intention and meaning. You get to make a pair of sandals with your little one that is symbolic of each of your unique journeys.

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