The Invisible One

The Invisible One


Plant medicine for your soul // sole

Consciously Wild Tended

Care take your body and soul/soles with a hand crafted anointing balm. These balms are both healing and nourishing for your skin as well as being the perfect conditioner for the leather of your sandals.

Restoring connection and creating intimacy is what truly heals us. Whether it be connection to the ground, to our bodies, to each other, to our environment. In order to feel true connection we must be willing to be vulnerable to the world inside and around us. The Latin root of the word vulnerable is vulnerare or "to wound." 

True connection requires us to be open to the inevitable wounding that comes with intimacy. The pain as well as the pleasure. When we block ourselves from our pain we also block ourselves from our joy. We numb out. We lose connection. We cannot have one without the other, no matter how much we wish we could skip the painful experiences, these too connect us to each other.

This is where Anointing balms work their healing magic. By blessing and anointing our wounds we find the strength, the resilience, the gifts in our wounds that allow us to stay open to all of life—the full spectrum of what it means to be alive.

The plants within these balms are wise elders that know much about connection and intimacy. How to stay rooted, to follow the light, to trust how they grow. They are intimately connected to so many beings from their roots to their blossoms. They give and receive from bees and micro-organisms with ease.

You’ll often find me sitting and singing with the plants for hours before I ask to harvest them. These are the days and moments I cherish most. When I get to learn from them by simply being in their presence. These balms are my offering to you from these healing places.

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Limited Edition of 12 for 2019

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The following batch was harvested in the spring and summer months of 2018 and poured on the 2nd of February 2019 near the Aquarius New Moon

The Invisible One

Only the Truth may enter here. The Invisible One anointing balm contains the medicine of the “Oochigeaskwa” tale native to Turtle Island that draws on the archetypal themes of the Cinder-ella or Ash girl stories that are found across cultures and time. This particular telling of the Ash-girl story is unique in that the search for truth and beauty is poignantly focused on the qualities of the Sacred Masculine. The Invisible One is a mythical God-like figure that is said to inhabit a beautiful lodge by the edge of a lake near an Alqonguin tribe. The legend goes that he will only be seen by a maiden who can pass The Test of Sight. Whosoever passes this test of sight is destined to become his bride.

In most Cinder-ella tales, the masculine searches for the feminine after she leaves behind a shoe/clue. But in this tale, it is the feminine that must learn to see with wise eyes or “second sight”—to be reunited with the masculine, finding integration and wholeness in the symbolic “holy marriage” of the opposites united.

“Oochigeaskwa” is the heroine of this tale. And her name means “scar faced girl.” Burned by the hot ashes of coals from the fire by her two elder sisters, she becomes covered in scars of hatred and pain that her sisters carry inside and inflict onto her. Because of her experience, she has a wisdom and knowledge that few others posses. Initiated by the wounds of others that have been burned onto her very skin, she gains second sight—the ability to see things as they truly are, and she has little to lose by telling the truth. To hear the full tale of Oochigeaskwa as told by Madelyn click HERE.

The Invisible One is a powerful Anointing Balm that acts as a cleanser and protector of the Truth. Sage initiates the act of cleansing to clear away anything that is no the truth, followed by Yarrow’s powerful ability to draw strong boundaries of protection. Through the act of cleansing and then sealing with sage and yarrow, The Invisible One initiates clarity, truth and strong boundaries into our lives, giving us the gift of second sight and the ability to not only trust, but to act on our inner knowing.

For anyone going through a time of deep healing—of discerning our own wounds from the wounds of others that have been inflicted on us, or anyone needing support with standing their ground and drawing boundaries The Invisible One is here to support you.

Take heart and draw a cloak of protection around you—the truth will set you free.

  • Sage Salvia apiana has been used ceremonial for thousands of years by the people indigenous to Turtle Island to cleanse energetically and invite in allies and ancestors. Sage is particularly powerful for our lungs and respiratory system. The smell of sage calms the stomach, the nerves and the soul. This sage is tended in Ojai and is not wild harvested, as this plant is currently being over harvested in the wild.

  • Yarrow Achillea milifoleum is the ultimate protector of boundaries and her story is the archetypal journey of what it means to be alive, to be vulnerable and therefore woundable. Yarrow’s latin name Achillea comes from the story of Achilles. Fated hero whose mother dipped him in the river styx to make him immortal, but she held him by his ankle as she dipped him and so his one ankle was the one part of his body that was mortal. The archetypal Achilles heel. Achilles later died in battle during the Trojan war when Paris shot him with an arrow that was guided by the God Apollo who knew Achilles’ weak spot. The arrow went through his heel and his life ended when he bled to death from the wound. Yarrow—Achillea—his name sake, is the one plant that might have saved him. Yarrow is a coagulant and helps the blood thicken to form scabs, in addition it is anit-viral, anti-bacterial and even anti-fungal, making this plant the best boundary protector warding off infection and also fortifying our ability to keep what we don’t want out of our system.

Each Anointing balm is harvested and created by hand by Madelyn. They are unique and made in small batches. She uses bees wax from hives tended by medicine maker and story teller Benjamin Pixie.