Foot Soak Ritual Bowl

Foot Soak Ritual Bowl


relaxation, connection and grounding.


Foot Soak rituals are a wonderful self-care tool or as a way to strengthen connections with friends and loved ones. Giving and receiving a foot soak ritual puts us in touch with our bodies, and makes a space for us to ask for our needs to be met and fully receive them.

Having a dedicated Foot Soak Ritual bowl makes this experience readily available to you. Its hard to find bowls and containers in our everyday lives that fit the specific requirements for a foot soak. A bath tub works in a pinch, but these portable, beautiful, light weight bamboo bowls allow you to take your foot soak with you just about anywhere.

These bowls are 14" in diameter and made from coiled bamboo. They are painted white and gold leafed, then lacquered to keep them waterproof. They are made and imported from Vietnam.

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Below is an example of a general guided ritual. Madelyn creates specific custom rituals as one of her offerings.

Create a comfortable space either on the ground or with a cozy chair.  Begin heating up a pot or tea kettle of water. Use the biggest bowl you have that your feet can fit in. Cleanse the bowl with soap and water.

You may want to light a candle, turn on your favorite music and change into comfortable clothing.  Then spend a few moments with each crystal, either smudging them with sage or holding them in your hands to connect your heart's intention to their specific powers. Place them in the bowl and sprinkle a hearty dose of the sea salt and herbs on top.

Pour the hot water over the crystals, salts and herbs. Add cool water as needed to get it to a temperature that is comfortable before slipping your feet in. When you are ready, you might close your eyes and let yourself soak in the warmth coming up from your feet to the rest of your body. Sit back, feel your feet and rest.

You can massage your feet--or ask a loved one to treat you to a foot massage. Or simply relax, drink a hot cup of tea, listen to a meditation, or take in a rare moment of silence.

Adding essential oils to the hot water can be a potent way to help ground through the our senses. Pick your oil(s) and add a few drops to the water and then to the palm of your hand so you can rub the oil on your neck, your forehead, or your feet, or rub into the tips of your hair so you can take in the aroma all around you. Some of my favorite oils are from Young Living: Gathering, Humble, Inspiration, Sacred Mountain, Inner Child, and Vetiver.

As you allow yourself to settle in, you may want to add hot water to prolong the foot soak for as long as you want. 

When you are finished, take a moment to feel your feet in the water, and use your indigo towel to lovingly dry off your feet. 

Once your feet are dry, you can apply the anointing balm to your feet, massaging them with gratitude in your heart for all the places they took you that day. Its helpful to think of one thing in particular that you remember from the day, if you feel comfortable speaking it out loud, it can be very powerful.

When you are ready, you can slip on socks or a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm as you transition between the foot soak and your next activity, whether that is going to bed or heading out into the day.

It's always good to take the time to clean your bowl and hang the towel to dry so you can experience the foot soak with minimal preparation when you want to next. Don't forget to remove the gemstones from the bowl before you pour the water out. You can rinse them in fresh water and place them in a window sill for the sun and moon to cleanse and charge their energies before you use them again.

I hope you enjoy exploring the many ways you can use a Foot Soak Ritual to connect with your feet, the earth and your heart.  I would love to hear from you what experiences, rituals and meditations you create that are particularly powerful for you to share with others!