The Earth Guardian Sandals

The Earth Guardian Sandals


Wild, Earth Conscious, Tanned by Hand

Limited quantity depending on availability of Leather

Comes with special edition Anointing Balm

for leather, sole and soul care.

The Earth Guardian sandal is the first step for realizing a vision to change the toxic and resource draining leather tanning industry. It's going to take a combination of both ancient techniques and skilled labor paired with innovative use of modern technology.

The deer hides for these sandals were tanned by Digger Crist who is a master tanner, and your purchase of these sandals helps support his craft. I am thrilled to offer you the most natural, wild, and earth conscious pair of sandals that I can at this moment in time. 

The Earth Guardian is a vision.

A vision for a pair of sandals that are made in beauty.

A pair of sandals that revolutionizes the leather tanning industry. That creates jobs for people to honor the life of an animal by turning the hide into a work of art that is worn with love.

A pair of sandals that returns back into earth at the end of its journey.

A pair of sandals that supports the beings who make them just as beautifully as it supports those who wear them.

This pair of sandals is an invitation to be a part of this vision coming true. 

Thank you for believing in a future where we honor life and death through the choices we make, the clothes we wear, the dreams we feed. 

Walk in Beauty ~Navajo Prayer

              Madelyn S.S.

photographs by Leia Vita Marasovich

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Tracing Instructions

  1.  Use the video below to trace your feet with the help of a friend. You will need a printer/scanner, a ruler and a pen. *Note--please draw your own 6 inch scale onto both pages using a ruler and a pen.

  2.  Scan and email your foot tracing to or email me for a shipping address

  3. Your done! I will confirm that I have received your scans and Your sandals will ship 3-4 weeks from the date you order them.