Origin Sandals

Origin Sandals


The Ground Beneath Your Feet


The Origin Sandals are a call to remember. 

To connect back with our roots, to the ground beneath our feet and to rise from this place of deep connection.

The root of the word Origin comes from Latin verb oriri "to rise."

There is no better time than now, it could not be more critical in the course of human history for each of us to rise up and claim the beauty of our individuality and offer our gifts to the world. Our Origin stories are unique and totally Original, to who we are. We only exist once in this specific time and place, and I believe there is a reason and deeper meaning behind the specificity of who we are. I believe we came here for a reason. To make a change that only our unique soul can offer.

 Origin stories give us the symbolic clues to our gifts.

When we remember who we came to this earth as, when we go all the way back to the pure innocence of childhood, to our ancestors, to the patterns that show up over and over in our lives we discover our essence. The essential threads that we alone carry. That we alone can weave into the greater tapestry of humanity, contributing to the beauty and strengthening the connection between all life.  There are many ways to reconnect to our origin stories, through our memories, through the traditions we have inherited, through understanding our ancestry and the wounds/gifts we have been passed to heal and bring to light.

All Origin stories have one thing in common: they are circular. When we get lost, or encounter confusion or an ending, then it is time to return to our source. To begin again. Like the O in the word origin, Origin stories give us the symbolic instructions for how to start over, the renew ourselves, when an end is near.


The Origin Sandals are not just shoes.

They are a daily ritual to remind you of who you are, where you came from and therefore, where you are going.

These sandals are an invitation to slow down and enter into ritual space. When you slip them on, re-tie them or oil them these precious moments of connection in our busy live serve to remind you of your intention that these sandals represent for you. By aligning yourself with your highest intention for your self you become who you were meant to be. One step at a time. How do you want to walk in your life? Where do you want to go?

The answer is right beneath your feet. 

The Origin Sandals are a call to Return.

These Huaraches running sandals have their origins in the Copper Canyons of Mexico where the Tarahumara or Raramuri natives are famous for running 50+ miles up canyon walls in sandals. This pair of sandals is in honor of the Tarahumara and honoring them as the lineage for the origins of these sandals. To delve deeper into their culture I researched and learned their creation/origin story which I share with you on my blog HERE.

Ordering instructions

  1. Decide if you would Rubber or Leather soles. Leather soles are $30 additional.

  2. Decide if you would like to include the foot soak Ritual Bundle for $58 (save $12)

  3. Add item to cart and complete check out

  4. Use a blank sheet of paper or two and use THIS video to trace your feet with the help of a friend. You will need a printer/scanner, a ruler and a pen. ***Note--please draw your own 6 inch scale onto both pages using a ruler and a pen.

  5. Scan and email your foot tracing to madelyn@madelynss.com

  6. Your done! Your sandals will ship 3-4 weeks from the date I receive your foot tracings.


photography by Alec Mckeand

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What You'll Get

Included in All Orders:

  • Custom to your feet handmade high quality veg tan leather sandals. Leather soles, uppers and straps.

    • Custom stamped with a word of your choice to set your intention

  • Audio guide to help you connect back to your Origins (Included in ALL orders)

  • A telling of the Tarahumara Origin myth

Additional Foot Blessing Ritual for $56 (20% OFF when purchased seperately):

  • Foot Soak Ritual Kit (Valued at $70, only $58 with Origin Sandals) Includes:

    • Grounding foot soak salts and herbs

    • Sacred Sole Salve wild crafted with love by Madelyn SS

    • Naturally dyed drying towel

  • Guided Audio for when you are ready to put your sandals on for the first time

    • Meditation and ritual for setting your intention

Sandal Tracing Instructional Video and pages to print out to trace your feet. Please draw your own 6'' scale on each page before scanning and email to madelyn@madelynss.com