An Algonquin Cinderella Tale

“Oochigeaskwa” a native tale to Turtle Island, draws on the archetypal themes of the Cinder-ella or Ash girl stories that are found across cultures and time. This particular telling of the Ash-girl story is unique in that the search for truth and beauty is poignantly focused on the qualities of the Sacred Masculine. The Invisible One is a mythical God-like figure that is said to inhabit a beautiful lodge by the edge of a lake near an Alqonquin tribe. The legend goes that he will only be seen by a maiden who can pass The Test of Sight. Whosoever passes this test of sight is destined to become his bride.

Recorded on February 27th 2018 by Madelyn S.S.

The Invisible One Anointing Balm

The Invisible One anointing balm contains the medicine of the “Oochigeaskwa” tale.

Anointing balms are a wonderful way to invite the medicine of each story

into your daily life through the sensual ritual of self care.

This balm is for you if …

  • You are going through a time of deep healing—of discerning your own wounds from the wounds of others that have been inflicted on you with a forgiving heart.

  • You are in need of support with standing your own ground and drawing boundaries.

  • You are learning to heal your relationship to the masculine within and without.

  • You want to be able to go unnoticed or become an “Invisible One” by walking your truth without needing validation.

Made Of Myth