Aloha Shaka Print

Aloha Shaka Print


In the beginning there was Aloha.

And it was good...

Before time and before space, before sea and before land, there was only the great vast void.

And out of this black endless expanse a bright light was born.

A ray of light made of all the colors of the rainbow emerged, and as it grew it connected the cosmos to the earth. It started as a small streak and grew into an arc, until it connected its head to its tail and become a giant circle casting colors and light to all corners of the blackness. 

And so it was that the light of Aloha created the world we know today.

When we see a rainbow the gods and goddesses are smiling at us. Their smile only appears when both the rain and the sun dance together. They know that only when the darkness and the light exist equally together can all the beautiful possibilities emerge. The rainbow emits the Aloha spectrum of frequency: a frequency of love and compassion in all its space-time defying magic.

The cosmic Aloha Shaka transends all time and space connecting us to the sacred shred within. 

12x12 print on fine art archival paper with hand gold foil halo.

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