Our Lady of The Sacred Waters

Our Lady of The Sacred Waters


| O U R  L A D Y  OF  T H E  S A C R E D  W A T E R S | 

30% of proceeds go to Standing Rock camp.  You will receive an archival print on 8 x 10 paper in color with gold foil of this image of the Standing Rock Sacred Waters Goddess


Headpiece by Lindsy Richards of Illuminating Archetypes

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8.5 x 11 color print on archival matte paper with gold leaf foil. 

:: Black Snake of the Sacred Waters :::

I painted this image two years ago and it feels like it was a vision for what is now happening at Standing Rock in Dakota.

This surfing goddess wears the sacred buffalos horns and deer hoofs. The coming of the black snake is a prophecy from Lakota Sioux. Many have named the Dakota pipeline black snake, as it fulfills the prophecy of how the snake would come and threaten their water and sacred land.

Snake has the power to give and take life. This surfing goddess of the sacred waters has come to terms with this paradox and knows how to channel it for the highest good. Out of its mouth shoots the essence of life force. Snake venom is both a poison and a remedy for itself. Venom/Anti venom.

I pray that the cure, the anti venom, the medicine to heal the atrocities to native people, to our land and waters, and to each other will be found with ease, peace and joy now.

I pray for the power of the black snack to become an ally for change. May we all take courage that change looks first like death, as we shed our old skin and make space for new growth.

I invoke the alchemical powers of snake to transform what was once poison into medicine for the highest good of all concerned.

May oil turn to water.
May violence turn to peace.
May suffering become joy.
May our differences connect us, through all time and all space, as was then and as it is now and shall always be.

I am standing rock. I am black snake. I am the poison and I am also the cure. This is the great mystery, that we each hold within.